What is Thermoforming: Process, Materials & More: Full Guide

Thermoforming is a versatile and cost-effective manufacturing process to shape plastic sheets. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what thermoforming is, how it works, its processes, its applications, and its benefits. Let’s start! 1. What is Thermoforming? Thermoforming, at its core, is a dynamic plastic manufacturing process driven by heat and pressure or vacuum to […]

【FORMART S Open box】The Best Vacuum Forming Machine🔥FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former

A famous modeler ‘Toy_High’ introduces and applies FORMART S to create parts for his static models!

【FORMART S Open box】Make your own molds with this FORMART S vacuum former

Noviceworkshop FORMART S open box review.

MY YARD launches FORMART S, a new model built-in industrial vacuum pump

MY YARD launched FORMART S, a new smaller model with built-in industrial grade vacuum pump.

FORMART has successfully entered Europe market and shone during the Creativeworld exhibition in Frankfurt

FORMART has successfully entered Europe market, and shone during the Creativeworld exhibition in Frankfurt from February 4th to 7th, 2023.

【Fun Technology】$2,200 vacuum suction machine! Infinite reproduction of inverted models?

If the new technology of vacuum suction machine is encountered by the @ksmytstudio, how will they present it in an interesting and simple way?

Taiwan’s famous chef, Jeffrey Wang, won the 4th place in the Art of Dessert Competition in Paris with FORMART

The 7th World Cup of Dessert Arts was held in Paris, France from October 28th to 31st, attracting teams from 16 countries to participate in the competition.  Taiwan’s famous dessert chef Jeffrey Wang and Tong Yi-jing represented Taiwan and won the fourth place, which is the best result in the history of Taiwan’s participation in this competition!

Explore the possibilities of vacuum forming【Video Collection】(Japanese)

What will happen when we put balloons, floral kendama, tin foil, etc. on the vacuum forming machine? Famous Japanese Youtube channel Efty えふてぃー Uses FORMART to do a variety of experiments, and also made a very cute modeling jelly, a very therapeutic video recommended to everyone.

【FORMART lite Open box】Japan Y NAKAJIMA channel FORMART lite open box(Japanese)

Japan famous YouTube channel ‘Y NAKAJIMA’ FORMART lite open box review.

【FORMART 2 Open box】なんとか重工 FORMART 2 review(Japanese)

Japan famous YouTube channel なんとか重工 FORMART open box review

【Vacuum Forming is Incredible】FORMART 2 review

Famous Maker channel Maker’s Muse gave very detailed out-of-the-box analysis for FORMART 2

【FORMART 2 Open box】VanOaks FORMART 2 introduction

MY YARD’s first ambassador-the well-known Maker channel VanOaksProps, gave an out-of-the-box review of FORMART 2 to let more people know FORMART 2 through his easy-to-understand introduction.

【First Look: FORMART 2】Make magazine FORMART 2 review

The FORMART 2 review by MAKE magazine

【Maker must BUY】FORMART open box by Jerry Huang

When the well-known Youtuber ‘Jerry Huang’ met the FORMART smart vacuum former, how would he introduce and evaluate FORMART?

【Imagination comes true】Creative application of vacuum forming

Another new desktop machine – FORMART smart vacuum former, what kind of creative applications it can bring, please read the introduction in this article.

【Entrepreneurial Story】FORMART starts a new revolution in desk-based entrepreneurship -Emerson Shih, founder of MY YARD

MY YARD is an entrepreneurial brand born out of the trend of entrepreneurship and changes in the overall industrial environment.

【Master Interview】Victor Chang:FORMART provides a new path for film special effects makeup

When film special effects makeup artist Victor Chang encounters the smart vacuum forming machine FORMART, what kind of sparks will appear?

【Master Interview】Opportunity for the combination of silicone mold turning and vacuum form — Mr. Guigui

Silicone molds can make quite a variety of small objects. This article interviews Guigui teacher of “fancymelon” to see how he combines silicone molds with a vacuum forming machine to reduce silicone materials and make fine products.

【Protect the Earth】FORMART chooses environmentally friendly plastics

Introducing seven types of recyclable thermoplastics and explains the four types of plastic sheets selected for environmental protection on the FORMART vacuum forming machine, as well as their different characteristics and uses.

【FORMART open box】How FORMART realizes the rapid blister forming

3D printing, hand-made masters have a new small volume production solution! Let’s take a look at the smartness of FORMART/FORMART lite.

【The maker evolution】History and evolution of vacuum forming machine crowd funding

The vacuum forming technology can produce many common items in daily life, such as stationery boxes, masks, potted plant shells, plaster molds, etc. This article will introduce the history of this machine to crowdfunding and its influence on the maker market.