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Mold Selection

What should I use as a mold?

You can use any existing objects or 3D printed parts, etc. When designing the mold, you need to consider the design of the extraction angle (> 3°) to ensure that the mold can come out smoothly. And you also need to pay attention to the flatness of the mold, avoid using the mold with water or debris, which may draw in the pipeline and cause damage to the pump module.

Will the mold be damaged?

In the process of vacuum forming, the vacuum force will exert pressure on the mold. If you are using ready-made objects, you should pay attention to whether they are thin shells or fragile objects, and it is recommended to add more internal support structures to make the forming process more stable.

Are there any restrictions on mold size and height?

FORMART can accept mold height up to 16cm, the maximum forming area of FORMART is 47cm x 27cm, and the Lite version is 27cm x 17cm; if the mold is taller, the mold will need a moderate height to width ratio.

Will 3D printed molds withstand such high temperature?

Although the 3D printed products are not heat resistant, the forming process does not necessarily hurt them because the plastic sheet is very thin and cools down very quickly! According to our test, PLA printed products can be molded about 3~5 times; ABS printed products can be molded about 30~50 times; if it is light-cured printing, it can withstand hundreds of times possibly! If you are still concerned about the durability of the mold, we recommend that after the first plastic shell is formed, we first make a stronger and more durable mold by casting cement or plaster, and then proceed with the quantitative production work.

Machine Settings

FORMART Lite failed to detect the vacuum cleaner?

FORMART lite requires the use of traditional paper bag type AC induction motor vacuum cleaners, the new DC brushless motor type vacuum cleaners are not suitable. (e.g. Dyson vacuum cleaners) If you still want to use these vacuum cleaners, you must plug the vacuum cleaner power into wall outlet and manually turn the vacuum cleaner ON and OFF to perform the forming operation.

FORMART did not read the QR code

Please place the QR Code on the original plastic sheet at the bottom right corner, and the lens will scan it automatically. If the sheet is not detected, you can move the sheet vertically to allow the lens to refocus.

The power failure protection is activated

FORMART/FORMART SE/FORMART lite are equipped with a power failure protector. If the power failure protector is activated, please do not reset it by yourself immediately, please contact us first to confirm the safety of the equipment.

Machine Operation

What material and thickness range of plastic sheets can be used?

The thickness of the plastic sheet can be in the range of 0.3mm~3.0mm. FORMART/FORMART SE/FORMART lite built-in the most complete material data base, such as PLA, TPU, FPC, PET, HIPS, PS, PETG, HDPE, PE, ABS, PP, PVC, PMMA, PC, KYDEX, PSU... etc. are all available!

Do I have to use the original plastic sheet?

FORMART doesn't bundle the sheets! And FORMART has the most complete database of plastic sheets in the world, so most of the commercially available plastic sheets can be easily configured and selected without any difference.

Does it require a lot of force when the frame is pulled down to form?

The plastic frame of FORMART is attracted by magnets. When you pull down, you may feel the need of a lot of force, but once it is left, it will become very loosen & smoothly. Therefore, be sure to clench your arm to help support the frame to avoid injury or damage due to excessive slipping and hitting the bottom.

How long do I need to hold down the frame during molding?

When the plastic sheet is heated, just gently press the frame down to the bottom, but in order to ensure air sealing, it should be pressed down to the bottom exactly, and stay there for three seconds before letting go.

What are the difference when I choose different suction modes?

FORMART provides two operation modes and three suction options, the rough mode provides the lowest vacuum level, and fine mode provides highest vacuum level, and standard mode is in between. So you can choose according to the type of finished product you want. If you are a professional player, you can also use the advanced mode to modify the heating curve, even set the vacuum level yourself. The operation is very flexible and simple! If the finished blister is not satisfactory, it can be optimized through the operation mode and working parameters!

Does FORMART cause the problem of uneven thickness?

The design of FORMART heater is different from other small vacuum forming machines in the market! Generally, desktop vacuum forming machines use steel heating tubes or ceramic heaters, and the heating is very uneven, which makes the hotter portion of the plastic sheet overstretched. FORMART uses industrial grade quartz heaters and is designed for evenly heating over the entire area to ensure uniform temperature of the plastic sheet and to make the molding thickness more consistent.

Will the forming process produce toxicity?

The plastic sheets we provide are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. But there may still be some smell during the heating process of the sheet, so please keep good ventilation. Some 3rd party plastic sheets may release toxic gas when heating, so please avoid using this machine in a confined space.

Why FORMART can't release the mold successfully?

FORMART is the only tabletop vacuum forming machine with built-in gas reversing valve, which can automatically reverse the air blowing, so that you can remove the mold more easily. However, it still depends on the design of the mold. If the mold has concave sides, high vacuum level, or rough surface, the blowing assist function will not be effective to pop off from the mold.

Forming Quality Issues

Why did the forming fail?
There are many reasons for forming failure, please confirm whether the following problems occur:
  1. Confirm that the accessories are installed correctly
    Please check whether the size switching accessory is installed properly, whether the size adjustment bar is indeed buckled into the latch, whether the corresponding size venting base plate is removed, etc. If the accessories are not installed properly, the air sealing will be affected and resulting in vacuum failure.
  2. Check if the heating temperature is appropriate
    Please confirm whether the plastic sheet used is a thermoplastic material, and whether the setting temperature has reached a sufficient target temperature before forming.
  3. Vacuum setting
    The vacuum level setting is related to the fineness of the finished blister you want. If you want to do packaging, or natural stretch shape, choose a lower vacuum level; if you want to duplicate the mold and need more detail, choose the fine mode.
  4. Differences in material properties
    Although most plastics can be thermoformed, different materials and brands have different composition ratios, and even color can affect the temperature setting. If you use a sheet from 3rd party, you can use FORMART's built-in database and follow the instructions to select the material, color, and thickness to reduce the chance of failure through the built-in heating parameters.
  5. Whether the mold has proper vent holes
    If there is a recessed feature on the mold, the recessed area must be drilled with appropriate extraction holes (1.5-2mm in diameter), otherwise the recessed area may not be formed.
Why does the transparent PET turn white after formed?

If the heating temperature of the PET is too high or the baking time is too long, the whitening phenomenon will occur. Please lower the heating temperature slightly, and pull down the frame immediately after the temperature is reached to avoid over baking.

Why does the finished blister appear webbing?

The corners of the mold or the tall-shaped mold will easily causes the webbing problem. This problem can be solved with our webbing remover kits! For corner webbing, you can use rectangular webbing remover, place them around the corners of the mold and adjust the appropriate distance. For tall shapes mold, you can use ring webbing remover. For larger molds or special shapes, you need to redesign the size or change the placement distance of the webbing remover to get the best results.

Why does the blister I made look unclear?

If the heating temperature is too high, some plastic materials may show surface bubbles, wire cracking or whitening(such as PET). In addition, if the vacuum is high, the smoothness of the mold surface becomes very important. It is recommended that the mold be polished or surface treated if necessary.

Why are there small bubbles in the formed blister?

If the plastic sheet is directly heated without drying first, it will cause bubble defects due to the moisture! FORMART/ FORMART lite is the first machine in the world with built-in dehumidification function. It uses the heater to warm up the plastic sheet and keep it below 90°C. After the moisture inside the plastic sheet is drained, the forming work can be carried out. In order to reduce the possibility of bubbles in the finished product, this function is especially important under the humid climate.

Warranty Information

How long is the warranty? Is it safe and reliable to use?

The core components of FORMART/ FORMART lite have the longest two-year warranty in the industry, and the machine has been tested by TUV-SUD for product safety certification, so you can use it safely.

Do I need to send the whole machine back for maintenance?

FORMART/ FORMART lite adopts modular design, and it will check itself when it is turned on, if there is a module failure, there will be a failure warning on the screen to tell which module has a problem. So it is not necessary to send the whole machine back. If there is a failure during use, please contact us at the website and we will advise you on the appropriate way to return for repair.

Repair process
  • Send Request
    Please take pictures of the problematic parts or the screen display first, and send your inquiry to service@myyardtech.com; or contact us directly through the MY YARD LINE@ (ID:@myyardtech).
  • Service response
    We will respond to your inquiry within five working days, including delivery information, process, maintenance number, etc. Please wait patiently for the reply before sending the damaged product.
  • Send back failure part
    Please use safe packaging and return damaged parts according to service instructions. The user shall pay for the freight. If there is any damage or loss during transportation, the user shall bear the responsibility.
  • Payment
    After receiving the repaired product, we will double check the failure and provide you the quotation and payment method.
  • Repair completed
    After receiving the failure part, we will inform you the scheduled based on the failure case and the supply of parts, and proactively notify after the repair procedure is completed, and send the repaired product back.
Warranty Policy
  • Due to the difference of personal operation force and method, the sealing rubber, upper and lower frames, frame handles and their fasteners are consumables and are not covered by the warranty. In the event of damage, we will charge for repair at our discretion.
  • The core components of FORMART are guaranteed for 2 years. If there is any defect or damage during the warranty period, please follow the customer service instructions to disassemble the failure part and send it back to us. We will return the good product and assist you to replace it.
  • If there are defects that do not affect the function and operation, such as: screen defects, decorative defects (surface scratches or natural fading), etc., no warranty responsibility is assumed.
  • If the product is damaged due to accident, improper use or unauthorized maintenance, etc., the warranty will be lost. We will quote for repairs based on the damage.
  • Any replacement or repaired product will still be recognized according to the remaining warranty period after the date of purchase of the machine.
How is the warranty period calculated?
  • The warranty period is calculated from the date of serial number registration or the date of receipt of the machine, and the period is 2 years. After you receive the machine, please go to the MY YARD website, and log in the serial number (S/N) at the back of the machine on the website. If the last day of the warranty period falls on a national holiday, the next working day shall be the last day of the warranty period. If the S/N was not registered and the proof of purchase is not available, MY YARD will calculate the warranty period based on the shipping record.
Description of non-warranty coverage

If the damage caused by the following conditions is not covered by the warranty, we will require you to pay for the repair and delivery costs:

  • Damage caused by abnormal operation or using materials exceeding specifications
  • Damage caused by using wrong voltage, falling, accident, natural disaster
  • Damage caused by improper disassembly
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repairs
  • Damage repair beyond the warranty period
  • Damaged exterior decoration
  • Damage caused by the penetration of liquid and dust into the suction pipe