FORMART has successfully entered Europe market and shone during the Creativeworld exhibition in Frankfurt

FORMART has successfully entered Europe market and shone during the Creativeworld exhibition in Frankfurt

Famous desktop machine brand, MY YARD, has successfully entered Europe's largest sales channel, Distribold, with its product FORMART Smart Vacuum Former and officially launched sales in Europe. Distribold brought the product to the Creativeworld exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany from February 4th to 7th, 2023, attracting many visitors to stop and watch.

Creativeworld is the world's largest DIY creative innovation exhibition. The main exhibitors include Maker equipment manufacturers, amateur hobby players, art and handicraft products, graphic artists and artist essentials, handmade products, and other innovative exhibits in various fields. Creativeworld showcases many inspirations and fresh ideas with its unmatched fusion of commerce, trend, and workshops, making it an important exhibition that can lead the DIY trend. The total area of the exhibition is up to 40,000 square meters, with up to 680 participating companies and 25,000 participants.

Distribold is a professional desktop equipment channel merchant based in Belgium, with over 70 sales points throughout the European Union, and is also the European agent of the well-known Taiwan FLUX laser cutting machine equipment. With its strong marketing capabilities and rapidly expanding sales network, the company has rapidly developed into Europe's largest desktop equipment sales channel merchant in recent years.

The founder of MY YARD, Emerson Shih, pointed out that Distribold had been approached MY YARD for a year, but during that period, the success of the FORMART Smart Vacuum Former in crowdfunding put tremendous pressure on the company's production capacity, making it unable to sign the agreement immediately. After the company officially signed a representative cooperation agreement with Distribold at the end of 2022, it is expected to drive the company's revenue to double and grow.

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