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Smart Vacuum Former

The pursuit of the ultimate spirit of research and development, carefully designed for you, so that you can use this powerful and easy to use technology in your house. It is not only the smartest machine, the intelligent modules are also highly adjustable, whether beginners or professionals, FORMART will help you to realize more creative!

Unique Suction Control Technology, Powerful and Freely 

FORMART not only provides super suction power, it also give you the ability to decide the suction power!

FORMART has an industrial grade suction power up to -90 KPA, it also integrates the vacuum sensor and exclusive flow control technology that allows you to define your own vacuum level.

Don't worry if you are not a professional user, FORMART offers three intelligent suction modes. Just press the button and FORMART will take care the complicated parameters for you.

Why it won't fail with FORMART?

FORMART's unique features greatly improve your forming quality

Complete Materials Database

FORMART build-in most complete database. Whether you use original or 3rd party plastic sheets, FORMART can both accept it. In addition, FORMART can store up to 5 sets of user settings, allowing you to customize the working parameters.

Unique Plastic Sheet Dehumidifying

The world's only vacuum forming machine with built-in plastic sheet dehumidification function, which automatically removes moisture from your plastic sheet and prevents air bubble defects.

Built-in Preheating Program

The built-in preheating process significantly improves the forming quality and allows more materials to be formed, making FORMART accept the largest variety of materials.

The Fastest Heating Speed

The use of industrial grade carbon fiber quartz heating tube, heating speed is only 1/3 compare to the general forming machines! The evenly heating temperature also ensures the forming quality as fine as the professional machine.

Quick Frame Lock

Fast Lock & Any Height Stop

The patented quick locking frame allows you to lock the plastic sheet immediately by turning the handle. In addition, it still provides the function of stopping at any height, so you can quickly put in the next sheet without remove the mold, which is really efficient!

100% MIT with Two Years Warranty

FORMART is 100% manufactured in Taiwan, every detail has been re-designed and tested many times to ensure the best durability. The core components have the longest 2-year warranty! And the whole machine is tested by SUD-TUV for safety certification ensures the safety.

FORMART series

Modular Design for Simple Maintenance

From very beginning, the design of FORMART give priority to simple maintenance, so the whole machine adopts modular design, whenever the machine is turned on, the screen will indicate the faulty module and you can easily remove the failure part and send it back for repair.

Which FORMART suits you best?

Choose your FORMART


Bigger working area & 4-sizes swithcable

FORMART/ FORMART SE provide the largest working area and size switching function, from small earrings to large lampshades, it can be created with the highest flexibility and can significantly reduce the waste of the plastic sheet.

Built-in high quality speakers, smart alerts

FORMART/ FORMART SE has a built-in high quality speaker that can alert you at critical moments. It is the best business partner for you to enhance the efficiency of your mass production.

FORMART專業版& FORMART SE - 四種工作尺寸切換

FORMART 2 Exclusive

Automatic Plastic Detection、Build-in Speaker

FORMART 2 has built the world’s first plastic sheet identification sensor, as long as MY YARD’s plastic sheet is loaded, all working parameters are set in an instant. Even has a built-in high-quality speaker that alerts you at critical moments, allowing you to stay calm even if you are working on other jobs.

FORMART專業版 - 自動塑膠板辨識

FORMART專業版 - 自動吐氣脫模

Automatic Mold Releasing

FORMART 2 has built-in directional valve will automatically reverses and blow, allowing you to remove the mold more easily.

Speed Cooling System

FORMART 2 has built-in dual brushless fans to cool your object and greatly enhance your productivity.

FORMART專業版 - 快速風冷

FORMART S | Built-in Industrial Pump NEW!

Beginner with FORMART S

For those who love handmade crafts

FORMART S is not only compact and space-saving, but also has a built-in industrial-grade vacuum pump with unprecedented performance! FORMART S provides exclusive flow control technology & two suction modes, making it easy to get started and enjoy.


FORMART 2 智慧真空成型機
FORMART SE 智慧真空成型機
FORMART S 智慧真空成型機


3.5” 480*320 Full Color LCD

Sheet Thickness


Max. of Draw


Heater Type

Quartz heater tubes, temperature range 90~230゚C

Power Supply







Sheet Size













Pump Type

DC brushless pump +

AC induction pump

DC brushless pump +

AC induction pump

AC induction pump

Machine Size

63(W) x 53(H) x 48(D)cm

63(W) x 53(H) x 48(D)cm

50(W) x 46(H) x 31(D)cm

Machine Weight




Suction Mode


Pressure adjustable


3 steps selectable


Flow rate adjustable

Other Function

Auto sheet detector

Auto-mold releasing

Built-in Pressure Sensor

Dual cooling fans

Alert speaker

Alert speaker

CNC wooden forming bed