MY YARD launches FORMART S, a new model built-in industrial vacuum pump

FORMART S智慧真空成型機

MY YARD launches FORMART S, a new model built-in industrial vacuum pump

After much anticipation, the FORMART S, a compact vacuum molding machine with a built-in industrial-grade vacuum pump, will soon be available! The FORMART S is the world's first vacuum forming machine with a built-in industrial-grade vacuum pump at a price of less than $1,000 dollars. Not only does it have powerful suction power, but it also inherits the intelligent control system of the FORMART series, which not only meets the requirements of beginners for simple operation, but also allows advanced players to adjust various working parameters as they wish.

FORMART S Vacuum Former

With the new LDPE sheet, it is easy to turn over the mold.

The new model FORMART S adopts 30cm*20.5cm (A4) size plastic sheet, which not only can make various smaller sizes of packaging blisters or product shells, but also with the newest molding special plastic sheet LDPE, it allows you to easily remold various kinds of products, such as: handmade soaps, scented stones, coasters, cement products, epoxy resin, modeling ice, chocolate, jelly pudding. ... etc.

Vacuum Forming creations擴香石

FORMART S Main Features

Adopts 30cm*20.5cm(A4) standard size plastic sheet, easy to source materials

Built-in industrial-grade vacuum pump provides maximum suction power up to -90KPA

Intelligent suction control, no limitation of mold material

Exclusive dehumidification function for perfect molding of plastic sheet

Exclusive heating curve adjustment function, any material can be easily controlled

New wooded CNC base plate, low heat absorption and fine molding

Patented quick locking frames eliminates the need to touch the frames to avoid the high temperatures

The only vacuum former in the world that has passed the home appliance safety certification


FORMART S offers powerful suction powerFORMART S Features

FORMART S is now on Kickstarter, limited early offer is in effect, don't miss it if you like handmade!

>>Pre-order FORMART S<<

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