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Smart Vacuum Former

 The Smart Vacuum Former - FORMART

Form your IDEA, from your Table

With traditional molding machines, producing a small number of plastic parts is time-consuming, costly, and takes up a lot of space. Now, with FORMART 2 smart vacuum former, your ideas can be brought to life anywhere, anytime, at a fraction of the cost! (Example videos) It is ideal for STEAM Education, Dessert Creation, Product Design and Rapid Prototyping, and even Small Volume Production. FORMART will satisfy all your imagination of vacuum forming machine.

3 Steps, Easy to use

① Prepare Mold

Put on your mold whether it is 3D printing, clay, wood, sea shell or potato, FORMART will copy the idea immediately.

② Select Task

Select suction mode and line up the QR code with the scanner, FORMART will automatically load optimal parameters and heats the material evenly.

③ Start Forming

Pull the heated material over your object on the forming bed and let  The Professional Vacuum Former - FORMART brings your imagination to life.

The Smart Vacuum Former - FORMART

To Reduce Your Costs and Time

The forming bed of FORMART is three times bigger than those found on other desktop units. it means users can either form particularly large or bulky objects, or create multiple smaller forms in one go. This is particularly useful for small business operators who make handmade products in bulk.  As it allows them to create multiple forms in a single pressing. Furthermore, the size of the forming bed can be adjusted based on the needs of the user. Let the vacuum former - FORMART reduce the plastic wastage for you.

A Vacuum Former with Smart Suction Control

for Every Creative Person Like You

FORMART has a built-in pressure sensor and offers vacuum pressure up to -90 KPA and as low as -10 KPA and anywhere in between. We’ve also got 3 power presets for beginner molders, or those who just want to set up and go. You can definitely get started and throwing annoying forming problems behind.

Auto Plastic Sheet Detection, Fast Switching in Four Sizes

To be a intelligent vacuum former, FORMART has built-in “plastic sheet auto-detection system” and “complete material database”. Only need to press the button, it will immediately detect the material used and automatically set the operation parameters. FORMART also has built-in infrared temperature sensor to monitor the heating condition of the plastic sheet. Quickly switch between four sizes of work areas. Reduce the loss of waste!

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