Smart Vacuum Former

Forming IDEA, Forming the Business

We took 2 years to design the product and proud to introduce the first “Smart Desktop Vacuum Former”! It shrinks the size of conventional Vacuum Forming Machine which only be seen in the factory, and also optimizes its specifications and performance, and even makes it “Smarter”. The intelligent friendly control system greatly reduces the entry barrier of user experience and makes it possible to use the most intelligent and easy way to turn your idea into an successful business !

3 Steps, Easy to use

① Prepare Mold

It's OK if you don’t know 3D printing. You can use clay, wood or potato to engrave your idea. As long as you sculpted it, FORMART will copy the idea immediately.

② Start Forming

FORMART quickly heats the plastic plate, covers it on the mold, and quickly shapes the plastic plate through vacuum pressure

③ Get Creative

You can use any item to instantly make product packaging or displays. or filled with decorative or practical materials, that brings your imagination to life.

Reduce Your Costs and Time

Traditional factories demand large order quantities at a time, creating a huge burden for small startups. If you have FORMART, You can make just one in 5 minutes ! FORMART provides both professional and convenient, the performance is even more optimized! And most importantly, you can save huge costs and time and turn your ideas into a promising business!

One Button Operation,  Industrial-level Performance

Vacuum forming looks like a professional, complex process that is no longer true in FORMART operations. FORMART has  built-in multi-pumps, combined with intelligent control system to precisely control the vacuum pressure. A full color screen, a knob, and animation guide, makes the manual becomes not necessary. You can definitely get started and throwing annoying forming problems behind.

Auto Plastic Sheet Detection, Fast Switching in Four Sizes

To be a most intelligent machine, FORMART has built-in “plastic sheet auto-detection system” and “complete material database”. Only need to press the button,it will immediately detect the material used and automatically set the operation parameters. FORMART also has built-in infrared temperature sensor to monitor the heating condition of the plastic sheet, and quickly switch between four sizes of work areas. Reduce the loss of waste!


If You just want to make one pcs, or testing your product. Find your nearest FORMART owner that can help you. If you have FORMART, you can also log in as a server and get creative together.