We will demonstrate how to use various maker machines(Ex.: 3D printerVacuum Former) to conduct various vacuum forming applications, which is also suitable for creators or creative courses.

【FORMART Demonstration】#28 Use vacuum forming to replica dolls for both sides

Using paper clay and the FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former to replicate both sides of the doll.

【FORMART Demonstration】#27 Use FORMART S to make Moon Planet Lamp

When I create alone, all my worries disappear, because I am so free in that world, FORMART S breaks the boundaries of my creativity, and allows me to make exquisite and unique planets even with the simplest paperclay, accompanying me on every quiet night.

【FORMART Demonstration】#26 Use FORMART to produce the magnetic wooden hexagonal display box

If you’re a laser cutter player, you can now easily create a wooden version of the Magnetic Hexagon Display Frame by pairing it with the FORMART S!

【FORMART Demonstration】#25 Using FORMART S to make creative table lamp

Use a 3D printed object as the intial mold, with MY YARD new cast material LDPE for casting, and then finish a very beautiful table lamp.

【FORMART Demonstration】#24 Using FORMART S to create exquisite Father’s Day chocolates

Using vacuum forming technology and MY YARD’s new plastic sheet LDPE to realize delicate chocolate molding.

【FORMART Demonstration】#23 use FORMART to make hanging card blister for water purifier

Do you know? As long as you have a vacuum former, a 3D printer, and a laser cutting machine at home, you can easily mass produce your cool blister packing shells at home, for a total cost of less than US$3,000.

【FORMART Demonstration】#22 Use FORMART to make fire distinguisher doll with box

“Why do I always have uneven thickness from the formed shells? In this example, we designed a unique fire distinguisher doll and its packaging molds that ensures even thickness.

【FORMART Demonstration】#21 Use FORMART to make tri-fold clamshell blister

We will demonstrate how to make tri-fold clamshell blister and use a hole punch to make blister clips.

【FORMART Demonstration】#20 Shirokuma_bread uses FORMART to make mini models

The small number and variety of parts often makes it difficult for the static model makers, and some parts even cannot be made by hand alone. The FORMART S vacuum forming machine brings new possibilities to the static model makers! Whether it’s beverage cups, food containers, dinner plates, lampshades, or even various ABS parts, they can all be quickly replicated and formed!

【FORMART Demonstration】#19 En pâtisserie uses vacuum forming to make little bear French dessert

The use of vacuum-formed blisters as dessert molds is one of the most typical applications. Thanks to En pâtisserie 大口心心 uses this video to share how to use FORMART lite to make French desserts!

【FORMART Demonstration】#18 LED colorful doll display box

MY YARD cooperated with TEAMA, and using Formlabs Form 3L 3D printer & FORMART Smart vacuum former to complete the display box for Taiwan most famous Youtuber Jerry Huang’s doll

【FORMART Demonstration】#17 COSPLAY dress-up props

Cosplay props are one of the typical applications of vacuum forming. Naomi will demonstrate how to use FORMART 2 to make super sexy costumes through this video.

【FORMART Demonstration】#16 Making cute animal soap molds

Are you still worrying about the lack of personal characteristics of sharing molds? With FORMART 2, you can easily design your own soap molds!

【FORMART Demonstration】#15 Making Happy Rotating Snack Box

At the moment of the epidemic, how can we use vacuum forming to enhance our lives? This time we will demonstrate the design of a joyful rotating snack box with a transparent protective cover to make food less susceptible to droplet contamination and add fun to life

【FORMART Demonstration】#14 Making 3D Catan Island

Vacuum forming technology can not only be used to quickly copy various sand table model or architectural models, but also very suitable to make the 3D board games (for example: Fireball Island), which can not only make the board game more distinctive, but also give the board game more creatively. In this video, We will demonstrate how to use the FORMART 2 Smart Vacuum Former to make a 3D Catan Island painted board game

【FORMART Demonstration】#13 Make a 3D space exploration photo frame

Combine the use of vacuum forming + cutting machine + 3D printing, you will be able to create a rich and beautiful frame decoration. In this video, We will demonstrate how to use vacuum former + 3D printer + paper cutter to make a cool 3D space exploration photo frame

【FORMART Demonstration】#12 Make a super cute diving mask

Cultural and creative masks, colorful painting masks, and cosplay masks are the most typical applications of vacuum forming! In this video, we will demonstrate how to use vacuum forming + 3D printer + paper cutter to make a super cute diving mask

【FORMART Demonstration】#11 Magnetic combined honeycomb display frame lamp

The advantage of the vacuum forming is that it can easily make various shapes of transparent blister. In this video, We will demonstrate how to use the FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former + 3D printer to make a magnetic attraction combined honeycomb display frame lamp

【FORMART Demonstration】#10 Making 3D sensor light signboard

Traditionally, to make a customized 3D signboard is quite expensive. Now the desktop vacuum former can make it easier! In this video, we will demonstrate how to use the FORMART Smart Vacuum Former plus a laser engraver to make a customized 3D sensor light signboard

【FORMART Demonstration】#9 Dinosaur handmade soap mold

Vacuum former is very suitable for making the handmade soap molds. In addition to the simple making process, it also has the advantages of low cost and fast completion. This video will demonstrate the use of a 3D printer to design a model, use a soft TPU sheet to form the molds, and then use a soap making machine to complete the super cute dinosaur soap production

【FORMART Demonstration】#8 Make creative model display frame

Is 3D modeling necessary for vacuum forming users? This video may change your perception! In this video, we will demonstrate how to use IKEA photo frames, wooden blocks, band saws to make the toy car storage photo frame. The making process is very simple. You can use the frame to store your model collection and hang it on the wall

【FORMART Demonstration】#7 Make packing blister by double forming

To make packaging blister and don’t need to spend on molds, it is the dream of many people! However, if you use exist object as the mold, not only the blister may pack too tight, but it is even more troublesome if the object has a concave shape. During this video,  we will demonstrate how to use TPU sheet to double-form, allowing you to easily make packaging blister through the product itself without spending on molds

【FORMART Demonstration】#6 Make a dancing mailbox

MY YARD cooperated with Q-ter Robot to make the dancing mailbox

【FORMART Demonstration】#5 LED light with 3D printed frame

MY YARD  cooperated with NEMOR 、ATOM to design the LED light with 3D printed frames

【FORMART Demonstration】#4 HelloFish puzzle storage box

MY YARD cooperated with HelloFish to make puzzle storage box

【FORMART Demonstration】#3 Copy plastic blister with hard plaster

We will demonstrate how to duplicate a blister with plaster

【FORMART Demonstration】#2 Make cookie packaging box by paper clay

We will demonstrate how to use paper clay to make cookie packaging box

【FORMART Demonstration】#1 Making clamshell by paper clay

We will demonstrate how to use the simplest paper clay to make clamshell packaging blister