【Master Interview】Victor Chang:FORMART provides a new path for film special effects makeup


【Master Interview】Victor Chang:FORMART provides a new path for film special effects makeup


When film special effects makeup artist Victor Chang encounters the smart vacuum former FORMART, what kind of sparks will appear?

Many people may have seen or paid attention to the films of "The Tag-Along" and "Who fell in love with him first" which won the 53rd Golden Horse Awards and the 55th Golden Horse Awards. The special effects of the actors are realistic, and even the high-end cameras can not see flaws in the makeup techniques, which are all made by the designer Victor Chang.

Lack of resources for movie special effects makeup

Victor was graduated from the Beauty Styling Design Department of Tainan University of Applied Sciences, is currently engaged in film special effects makeup work and is also a special film props artist. The road to film special effects makeup is actually not smooth, because compared to the mature environment of the foreign film industry, Taiwan still has limited resources in this area, so he invested a lot of time on self-study and continuous experimentation to master the various techniques and abilities required for film special effects makeup.

Victor talked about his journey of becoming a film special effects makeup artist(Photo:Owen Ou)

To make a good movie special effects makeup, pre-work often takes up most of the time, which is also the key.

Victor explained that the preparatory work of special effects makeup in foreign countries is done by professionals such as molders, sculptors, and colorists, and there will be special effects makeup artists to guide on-site. On the other hand, Taiwan’s film industry lacks different professionals in this area. One person needs to have multiple professional abilities and play multiple roles at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to collect relevant information through the Internet and purchase relevant materials to learn special effects makeup techniques in order to solve personal technical deficiencies problems.

In fact, I have been consider about the desktop vacuum forming machine for a long time, and even want to assemble one by myself, but I lacked time and ability. When I saw FORMART on Facebook, it was really eye-catching. I want to say it's finally waiting for you!

FORMART smart vacuum former(Photo:謝長霖)

Format smart vacuum forming machine to duplicate molds quickly and conveniently

One thing that has confused Victor for a long time is that every time a movie starts, he needs to bring a cement plaster mold weighing several kilograms in his portable work case, and use it to support the silicone fake skin for the actor's "face change". So as not to lose the effect due to deformation. This mold is not only heavy, if accidentally bruised in a chaotic set, then wanting to make another one will make him cry: "The processing procedure is too complicated!"

The production of cement plaster face molds is quite complicated. Once the prototype is injured, it is very time-consuming and laborious to redo it.(Photo:Owen Ou)

When he brought his work to meet FORMART and saw a piece of plastic board pressed on his cement plaster face mold, quickly blistering and copying the exact same plastic board mold, and putting on fake leather, he was really moved: "This face mold is only a few dozen grams!"

The picture on the left is a cement plaster face mold weighing 3 kg, and the picture on the right is a 30 g plastic face mold(Photo:Owen Ou)

The development of a new technology and new tool can have a significant impact on an industry. This example of Victor is a good portrayal and also confirms his long-held belief: "Technology is more than just Technology, coupled with imagination, can even turn creation into an art."

Now he is full of imagination about the application of FORMART, and calls on designers from different fields to try it out, hoping to hold a cross-domain exhibition in the future.

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Master Interview - Victor Chang

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