【FORMART Demonstration】#18 LED colorful doll display box


【FORMART Demonstration】#18 LED colorful doll display box

LED colorful doll display box

MY YARD cooperated with TEAMA, and using Formlabs Form 3L 3D printer & FORMART Smart vacuum former to complete the display box for Taiwan most famous Youtuber Jerry Huang's doll

STL download

👉STL files

👉Arduino code


Machine of use

Formlabs Form 3L 3D printerFORMART 2 Smart Vacuum Former


Material of use

HIPS 1.0mm sheetPET 0.8mm sheet、WS2812 LED ring(48 LEDs - 152mm diameter)、Arduino Leonardo




  1. Download STL & print it out by Form 3L
  2. Use HIPS 1.0mm sheet to form the chassis pan
  3. Use PET 0.8mm to form the transparent shells
  4. Clamp the two transparent shells together with clamps
  5. Glue WS2818 LED ring on the bottom plate
  6. Download and program the Arduino Leonardo and then solders to the LED input (connect to D2 for signal output)
  7. Cover the bottom plate with the LED bottom pan, put the doll, and cover the transparent shell
  8. Connect the power to USB
  9. Finished


Youtube recommendation

Jerry HuangHuzi


Music: Business Corporate by Alex Menco

Video Link: https://youtu.be/EEg3k5_I2Hc



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