FORMART 2 Smart Vacuum Former


Accessories included:

  • 50cm x 30cm HIPS * 30 sheets
  • One set of cat bowl molds
  • Plastic sheet size switching kit
  • Webbing remover kit
  • USB  cable
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Basic tool kit

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FORMART 2 Main Features

The FORMART 2 Smart Vacuum Former features the largest working area among desktop models and offers a comprehensive range of functions, including: automatic blow-off and mold release, automatic plastic sheet recognition, dual brushless cooling fans, adjustable suction control, and exclusive plastic sheet dehumidification. It delivers both professional quality and performance all in one!

  • Built-in industrial-grade vacuum pumps, combined with intelligent control, allows you to precisely adjust the vacuum pressure without letting go of any creative details.
  • "Advanced Mode" gives you maximum flexibility for professional use, while the "Simple Mode" has three built-in smart modules to get you started quickly.
  • Complete material database makes it easy to create, regardless of whether the original plastic sheet is used or not.
  • Industrial grade quartz heating tube, heating speed is 3 times faster than others! The heater provides excellent temperature uniformity and achieves best forming quality.
  • Exclusive preheating process, greatly improving the success rate
  • Built-in dehumidification function, which can automatically control the dehumidification parameters for different materials of the sheets.

FORMART 2 special features

FORMART 2 key features

FORMART專業版 - 自動吐氣脫模

FORMART專業版 - 自動塑膠板辨識

FORMART專業版 - 快速風冷

Automatic Mould Releasing

FORMART 2 is the first desktop vacuum former on the market with an automatic blow and release mold function, allowing you to separate molds faster.

Automatic material detection

The FORMART 2 vacuum former has the world’s first build in plastic sheet identification sensor. All working parameters are loaded in an instant by scanning the QR code on the MY YARD material.

Fast cooling system

The built-in dual brushless fans will cool your object fast and greatly enhance your productivity.

FORMART 內建完整塑板資料庫

Built-in vacuum sensor

Three suction modes, stepless pressure adjustment. FORMART 2’s built-in vacuum sensor allows you to define the suction force at any level. This maximises the flexibility of mould material selection.

Largest workspace in the desktop market

470 mm x 270 mm
These cutting-edge vacuum forming machines boast the largest work area of all desktop vacuum formers and a unique size-switching function. You can adjust the size of the work area, minimising any unnecessary waste.
The 470 x 270 mm work area gives you plenty of creative space, from delicate earrings to expansive lampshades.

FORMART專業版& FORMART SE - 四種工作尺寸切換


Quick-lock & stop at any height

The patented quick-locking frame allows you to lock the plastic sheet immediately by turning the handle.
In addition, the frame can be stopped at any height, so you can quickly put in the next sheet without removing your forming object, which is really efficient!

Fastest heating speed

Thanks to their industrial-grade carbon fibre quartz heating tube, our vacuum formers heat up three times faster than our competitors! The even heating ensures the forming quality is as good as professional machines.

FORMART S工業級石英管加熱速度最快
FORMART S獨家塑膠板除濕功能

Unique plastic sheet dehumidifying

Our FORMART 2 has a built-in plastic sheet dehumidification function. This automatically removes moisture from your plastic sheet and prevents air bubble defects during forming.

FORMART unboxing


  • Machine Size:625(W) x 534(H) x 476(D)mm
  • Weight:25Kg
  • Power: 100-120VAC@1500W or 220-240VAC@1700Watt
  • Display:3.5” 480*320 full color LCD
  • Heater:Quartz heater tube
  • Heating Temperature:90~230゚C
  • Sheet Size:500×300mm ; 420×300mm(A3) ; 300×300mm ; 300×205mm(A4)
  • Sheet Thickness:0.3~3.0mm
  • Pump type:DC brushless pump *1、AC induction pump*1
  • Pressure Range:-10~-90KPA(Tunable)
  • Max. of Draw:160mm

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 67 × 50 × 59 cm