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Can I use molds that are the size of the molding area limit?

I would like to use a mold with a length of 440 mm, a width of 220 mm, and a height of 150 mm.

Can such a large mold be molded cleanly?

The material to be used is either PC or PET, and the thickness is between 1mm and 0.5mm.

If molding is possible, we will purchase this machine.

I also have a question about productivity.

If we make a series of sheets, how many minutes per sheet can we mold repeatedly?


Sorry for our late response. The long side of 440mm is about the limit of the forming space(for FORMART 2/FORMART SE). So it still depends on the height during the edge of your mold. If the height during the edge is higher than 30mm, then there will be a risk of your forming work.(The succsess rate of PET is higher than PC)

0.5~1.0mm PET or PC is very suitable for our machine. For PET, you can expect 3~4 minutes for a complete forming works. For PC, it will be 6~7 minutes as it needs higher temperature.

Please feel free to click the 'Need Help' button during the right bottom side of the web page and send us the photo of your mold. So we can give you the answer more accurately.

Here is one example for your reference. The size of the mold is 370mm*150mm. The sheet in this example is 1.5mm PC.


MY YARD team.