【FORMART Demonstration】#7 Make packing blister by double forming


【FORMART Demonstration】#7 Make packing blister by double forming

To make packaging blister and don’t need to spend on molds, it is the dream of many people! However, if you use exist object as the mold, not only the blister may pack too tight, but it is even more troublesome if the object has a concave shape. During this video,  we will demonstrate how to use TPU sheet to double-form, allowing you to easily make packaging blister through the product itself without spending on molds


Material of use

TPU 0.7mm sheetPET 0.5mm sheet


Machine of use





  1. Use your product as a mold and put it on FORMART forming bed, and wrap it with TPU sheet first (please pay attention to the temperature and strength of the product, if the strength is insufficient, please reduce the suction)
  2. Leave the TPU blister on the product, do not take it away, and cut a suitable range along the bottom edge of the TPU
  3. Place the wrapped product on the FORMART forming bed again, and use PET to form it again
  4. Try to put the product(without TPU coated) into the formed PET blister, is it easy to take it out?



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