利用真空成型製作 靜態模型

【FORMART Demonstration】#20 Shirokuma_bread uses FORMART to make mini models

Shirokuma_bread uses FORMART to make mini models

The small number and variety of parts often makes it difficult for the static model makers, and some parts even cannot be made by hand alone. The FORMART lite vacuum forming machine brings new possibilities to the static model makers! Whether it's beverage cups, food containers, dinner plates, lampshades, or even various ABS parts, they can all be quickly replicated and formed!

Thanks to shirokuma bread uses FORMART S, and made this video to show the forming ability of FORMART S in a simplest way.


Machine of use

FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former


Materials of use

PET 0.5mmHIPS 0.5mm


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