Vacuum Forming Application - Joyful spinning snack box

【FORMART Demonstration】#15 Making Happy Rotating Snack Box

Making Happy Rotating Snack Box

At the moment of the epidemic, how can we use vacuum forming to enhance our lives? This time we will demonstrate the design of a joyful rotating snack box with a transparent protective cover to make food less susceptible to droplet contamination and add fun to life


STL download

👉STL files


Machine of use

ATOM 3D printerFORMART 2 Smart Vacuum Former


Material of use

PET 0.8mm sheetHIPS 1.0mm sheet、M3x10mm blind head screw*6pcs



  1. Print out the STL files(Please set 1.5mm shell with 20% infill)
  2. Put the mold on forming bed and use HIPS 1.0mm sheet to form the shape
  3. The blister should be cleaned first to remove the release agent on the surface
  4. Assemble the printed objects according to the video demonstration



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