Main Feature

Complete Materials Database

FORMART/ FORMART lite build-in most complete plastic database(PLA、FPC、TPU、PET、HIPS、PETG、PS、HDPE、ABS、PP、PVC、PMMA、PC、KYDEX、PSU...etc). Whether you load original or non-original plastic sheets, FORMART can both accept it. In addition, FORMART/ FORMART lite store 5 sets of user settings, allowing you to store and easily call out custom working parameters.

Plastic Sheet Dehumidifying

If the climate of you place is humid. How to form the wet plastic sheet without bubbles or being discarded is a very important. FORMART/ FORMART lite is the only vacuum former in the world that has built-in dehumidifying function for plastic sheets. It can automatically control the dehumidification parameters for plastic sheets of different materials, so that you can dehumidify the plastic sheets before forming, which is truly environmentally friendly and minimum the waste!

Accept Most of Plastic Materials

To ensure consistent quality for every creation, FORMART/ FORMART lite has a built-in heater preheating program that ensures that you can preheat the heater to a specific temperature before directly heating the sheet. The preheating program not only greatly improves the forming quality, but also enables the use of variety engineering plastic sheets, making FORMART/ FORMART lite become the most capable vacuum forming machine.

Heating 3 Times Faster

FORMART/ FORMART lite both use industrial grade carbon fiber quartz heating tube, the heating speed is 3 times faster then other small vacuum forming machine! In addition, the full-area uniform temperature heating characteristics ensure that the forming quality is as refined as a professional machine.

Fast Lock & Any Height Stop

Safety is the most important! FORMART/ FORMART lite has an exclusive patented quick-locking frames that locks the sheet as soon as you turn the handle, so you don't have to touch the hot frames anymore, eliminating the possibility of scald. In addition, the plastic sheet frame eliminate the link mechanism which may pinch the finger, but still has the function of stopping at any height, so that you can quickly load the next plastic sheet without removing the mold.

Modular Design for Simple Maintenance

From very beginning, the design of FORMART/ FORMART lite give priority to simple maintenance, so the whole machine adopts modular design, and each time it is turned on, it will perform self-test. As long as the machine fails, the screen will prompt you the module of failure, you only need to easily remove the failure module and sent back for repair.

Suction Control Technology

FORMART: 3 suction modes & vacuum adjustment
Super high suction is not the most powerful, allowing you to freely decide the suction is the real powerful!
We understand that each inventor's creative approach is different, so we believe FORMART's suction should be adjustable base your favor. FORMART not only provide state-of-the-art suction of up to -90KPA, but also a built-in vacuum sensor that allows you to define the vacuum of FORMART, allowing you to make molds with the simplest materials and quickly create them.


FORMART lite: 2 suction mods & air flow adjustable
Choosing FORMART lite does not mean you need to compromise. FORMART lite has an unique external vacuum cleaner flow control technology that allows you to freely adjust your suction and enjoy your creations even with an external vacuum cleaner.

Two Years Warranty

The core components of FORMART/ FORMART lite have longest 2-years warranty! The whole machine will be certified by TUV laboratory for product safety, so that you can use the machine without worries!

FORMART Exclusive

Bigger size, Much flexible, More functions

Automatic plastic detection

As the most intelligent machine, FORMART has built the world's first plastic sheet identification sensor, as long as MY YARD's plastic sheet is loaded, all working parameters are set in an instant. Even inexperienced users can quickly complete the operation according to the screen animation instructions.

4-size sheet switching

Non-toxic, environmental protection is an important mission of MY YARD! FORMART has a unique four-size switching function, allowing you to choose the most suitable sheet size according to the size of mold, so that you can reduce waste of sheet, and help to protect the earth with us.

Build-in speaker, smart alert

FORMART has a built-in high-quality speaker that alerts you at critical moments, allowing you to stay calm even if you are working on other jobs.

Speed cooling, more efficient

FORMART has built-in dual brushless fans to cool your object and greatly enhance your productivity.

Automatic mold releasing

FORMART's built-in directional valve and will automatically reverses and blow, allowing you to remove the mold more easily.

Plastic Sheets

-Thermoplastic Plastic Sheets-

The thermoplastic plastic sheet is suitable for various applications. It has environmentally friendly characteristics that are non-toxic and easy to recycle. Each corner of each plastic sheet has an environmentally friendly recycling mark.

Food grade - PP

Non-toxic, odorless PP (Polypropylene) sheet, with excellent chemical resistance and bending resistance, can withstand 120 ° C for a long time, is an excellent choice for a variety of food applications.

  • Applications:Chocolate or Soft Candy mold, food stamping mold, pudding box, food container
  • Recycle number:No.5
  • Color:white
  • Size:50cmx30cm; A4
  • Thickness:0.5mm、1.0mm

Impact resistant - PET

Impact-resistant PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheet with high transparency and impact resistance, suitable for product applications requiring high transparency and high impact strength.

  • Applications:Packaging blister, toy enclosure, tray, food packaging, low temperature food container
  • Recycle number:No.1
  • Colow:Transparent, white, gray, black
  • Size:50cmx30cm; A4
  • Thickness:0.3mm、0.5mm

General use - HIPS

High-strength HIPS (High-density Polystyrene High Impact Polystyrene) sheet with excellent molding and dimensional stability characteristics, easy to color on the surface, suitable for a variety of products that need to be turned over or need to be colored.

  • Applications:Turn over mold, soap mold, mask, Cosplay props, model accessories
  • Recycle number:No.6
  • Color:white
  • Size:50cmx30cm; A4
  • Thickness:0.3mm、0.5mm、1.0mm

Special sheet – TPU

Soft TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane ) sheet, soft and non-toxic, can be decomposed in the natural environment, suitable for use as a mold replacement material that is difficult to demould, or other applications requiring soft materials.

  • Applications:Turn over mold、3C protection case
  • Recycle number:not neccessary
  • Color:Transparent
  • Size:A4
  • Thickness:1.0mm
  • Hardness:80A

FORMART Specifications

Machine size

620(W) x 540(H) x 450(D)mm




3.5” 480*320 full color LCD


Carbon fiber quartz heating tube

Heating range


Sheet size

500 x 300mm; 420 x 300mm(A3)
300 x 300mm ; 300 x 205mm(A4)

Sheet thickness



DC & AC pumps

Suction range


Max depth of draw

160mm Max.

FORMART lite Specifications

Machine size

505(W) x 432(H) x 276(D)mm




3.5” 480*320 full color LCD


Carbon fiber quartz heating tube

Heating range


Sheet Size

300 x 205mm(A4)

Sheet Thickness



External vacuum cleaner

Suction range

5~60%(Flow controlable)

Max depth of draw

160mm Max.