Is your idea hard to FORM?

Have you ever had a sudden inspiration or idea, something powerful and creative, but don't know how to present it? Or have you worked hard to finish the prototype of your idea, but don’t know how to copy it or make a small amount of production. MYARD will help you to solve these troublesome and painful problems. We believe that any idea should have an opportunity that is reasonably presented. Simple, Swift, and Standardized, they are three biggest devils of the current traditional solutions. We are going to use the smartest way to satisfy your three wishes at once.

Forming IDEA,
Forming the Business

We took 2 years to design the product and proud to introduce the first "Smart Desktop Vacuum Former"! It shrinks the size of conventional Vacuum Forming Machine which only be seen in the factory, and also optimizes its specifications and performance, and even makes it "Smarter". The intelligent friendly control system greatly reduces the entry barrier of user experience and makes it possible to use the most intelligent and easy way to turn your idea into an successful business!

No limits on creativity
Easily forming your business

It doesn't matter if you don't understand 3D printing. You can use clay, wood or potato to engrave your idea. As long as you sculpted it, put it on FORMART and copy the idea immediately.

Build-in Vacuum Pump
Present Every Detail

The moment of vacuuming is the most touching moment during the forming process. FORMART has  built-in multi-pumps, combined with intelligent control system to precisely control the vacuum pressure, form all the details of your creation.

One Button Operation
Can't be Simpler

Vacuum forming looks like a professional, complex process that is no longer true in FORMART operations. A full color screen, a knob, and animation guide, makes the manual becomes not necessary. You can definitely get started and throwing annoying forming  problems behind.

Auto Plastic Sheet Detection

Finish Settings in One Second

To be a most intelligent machine, automation is of course very important. FORMART has built-in "plastic sheet auto-detection system" and "complete material database". When you load the plastic sheet, it will immediately detect the material used and automatically set the operation parameters. You only need to press the button, then other time you can continue to focus on your creative works, and let the machine to deal with other trivial things.

All Environmentally Friendly Material

Dream is beautiful, building your dream, and being kind to the global environment is even more urgent. FORMART provides all recyclable and environmental friendly materials and equip recycling stamps in every corner. Not only no harm to your health, and also no burden to the earth!

Industrial Level Temperature Monitoring

Different materials or thicknesses require different heating temperatures to achieve the best forming quality. FORMART has built-in infrared temperature sensor to monitor the heating condition of the plastic sheet in real time, and accurately control the temperature of the heating, so that you can effectively use each piece of sheets, not only reduce the loss of waste, but also be more friendly to the environment.

Fast Switching in Four Sizes

From face masks to finger rings, whether your creativity is big or small, FORMART can accept it. Quickly switch between four sizes of work areas and complete your creativity with the most proper size of sheet.

Professional and convenient

In order to ensure your successful, every detail must be compared. We have carefully crafted and tried our best in every detail, and finally succeeded in breaking the boundaries of the "professional" and "convenience" of the machine. FORMART provides both professional and convenient, even it is just a desktop machine, the performance is even more optimized! And most importantly, you can save huge costs and time and turn your ideas into a promising business!


Machine Price      $2,100 w/o TAX

Mold fee      <$0.5/USD

MOQ        1pcs

Lead Time      5 min


Machine Price        >$200,000

Mold fee      >$60,000

MOQ        500+pcs

Lead Time      6-8 weeks

When the Idea is Formed, the Business Becomes True

Budget not enough?
Try FORMART lite!

Maybe not everyone has a great entrepreneurial dream, but that doesn't mean you have to give it up. FORMART lite simplifies functionality, but its capabilities are not compromised which allow you to form your ideas in a lower budget.


Convenience       ◯

Full Color LCD    

Dehumidifying    ◯

Smart Pump Control    ◯

Mold Releasing    ◯

Auto Sheet Detection    ◯

Fan Cooler    ◯

Size Switching    ◯

US$2100 w/o TAX


Convenience       ◯

Full Color LCD    

Dehumidifying    ◯

Smart Pump Control    ∆

Mold Releasing    -

Auto Sheet Detection    -

Fan Cooler    -

Size Switching    -

US$849 w/o TAX